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Gander Mountain Credit Card – See Top 12 Things You must Know Now

Today we present you the top 12 things to note about Gander Mountain Credit Card now. This Credit Card is store credit card issued by Comenity Bank that is used exclusively for purchasing goods purchased at the Gander Mountain retail store.

Gander Mountain which changed its name to Gander Outdoors is a retail chain of outdoor recreation products and services for hunting, fishing and camping.  On 2017, Gander Outdoors filed for bankruptcy and was subsequently acquired by Camping World Holdings, Inc.

The Gander Mountain Credit Card is ideal for hunters, fishers, campers and people who loved outdoor adventurers. However, the card was temporarily stopped because Gander Outdoors is still revamping structure following its new management.  This card holders are advised to continue paying their remaining bills and wait for further notice.

Interest Rate of Gander Mountain Credit Card

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases using your Credit Card is 26.24%.

The APR included the actual cost of borrowing and the interest rate. However, depending on the terms and conditions, APR can change once a year or based on the current prime rate. This is why it is advisable to call your customer service representative.

Regardless of the interest rates however, using your Card entitles you to a lot of benefits including saving on annual feesand earning points on purchases, among others.

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How to apply to apply for Gander Mountain Credit Card?

To apply for a Card, an applicant must be at least be 18 years old, a US resident with valid government-issued photo ID and social security number.

You can apply for Gander Mountain Credit Card online by simply visiting the Comenity Bank Homepage and click “apply”.  You should then fill in the application form about your personal information (name, SSN, birthdate, and annual income) and contact information (address, zip code, email add, mobile phone).

Finally, applicant will choose the authorized buyer (name of person allowed to make purchases on your account) then click continue. Once application is sent, you will receive an application reference number which you will use to check on your application status.  At the moment however, application for Gander Mountain Card is momentarily suspended until further notice.

How to login in to Gander Mountain Credit Card?

Comenity Bank allows its credit card holders to have an easy access to their account online.  Though its online banking services, you can facilitate bills payment, view your statement of account, update personal information and manage your account conveniently through your phone, computer or any mobile internet device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To avail of  Comenity Bank’s online account management services, you must first register and create an account in Comenity bank’s website.  Simply click the “create an account”button and enter your personal information including your username,password, email address and mobile phone.

A confirmation message will be sent to your email or phone.  After which, you register your Gander Mountain Credit Card account by entering your credit card number, ZIP/ postal code ad identification type which is the last 4 numbers of your social security number.

To sign in to your Gander mountain credit Card online, simply visit

In the space provided, enter your username and password, then check the box for remember me and the click sign in button.

Reasons to call customer care

You can call Comenity Bank’s customer service hotline for Gander Mountain Credit card at 1-866-353-2214 or TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788.

Here are common issues when you need to call customer service for help.

Your credit card is not working

If you’re credit card is not working or is declined when making a purchase, you should call your customer service.

There are different reasons why your credit card may not be working such as when you reached your credit limit, you need to settle an outstanding credit balance or when you’re card is broken, among others.  Calling customer service can help you clarify the issue.

Your credit card is lost

If you lose your Gander Mountain Credit Card mistakenly, then you should immediately notify the bank through its customer service to deactivate the account to prevent from misuse.  You will also be informed on the necessary steps on how to get your new card and other relevant information.

At this point, you should check your account statement online and prepare about your personal information.  Customer service will ask for personal information for verification purposes and will notify you about your card replacement.

Inquiry on other services

When you want to understand on how to avail other services or privileges that you can enjoy with your Gander Mountain Credit Card anytime, you can call the customer service to get the needed information. This service features may include balance transfers, cash back, over the counter cash withdrawal, rewards, travel mileage awards , annual fees and APR’s among others.

Request for credit approval

Once you’ve reached your credit limit for Gander Mountain Credit Card, and you are making a purchase, you can request the bank through its customer service to increase your credit limit in order to accommodate the purchase.

Ask for delay payment considerations

Whether you accidentally miss a payment or have been struggling financially to make payment, it is advisable to call customer service for help.  Customer service personnel can provide you recommendations and tips on how to minimize penalties or provide you with a program on how to make easy payment instalments.

Respond to creditor message

If you received messages from your creditor regarding bonuses, penalties and awards among others, it is advisable to call customer service to clarify issues and get appropriate recommendations on how to address or avail them.

Before using your Gander Mountain Credit Card anywhere, It is advisable to call you customer service if you are planning to use your credit card in making a purchase to prevent any problems that may occur. This is especially true if you’re using your credit card outside the US or in a foreign country.

Payment address

Comenity bank believes that paying your credit card billsshould be convenient to customers. Because of this, it has created different channels through which you can pay your bills.

You can submit payment via mail, phone, online, and in most cases in the store where your credit card can be used.  At the moment however, you cannot pay your Gander Mountain credit card bill to any Gander Mountain store outlet because Gander Mountain is no longer in business.

To pay online, you simply log in to your Comenity bank online account and link your savings account to your credit card and schedule how payments will be made.

This can also be facilitated through phone by calling customer service that will set up the process by linking your Comenity bank account.  If you plan to pay via mail, you should call Gander Mountain Credit Card right customer service to know the address of the nearest Comenity bank branch in your vicinity and get instructions on how payment should be made.

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